MultiPlayer Cloud for GameMaker Studio 2

Low friction high velocity pub/sub code object drop in

Check out the GM2 Multi-Player game plugin technology. Just drop this object into your game, add a few lines of code, and you have WebSocket Based Multiplayer support in your game.


  • Supports unlimited number of real-time players (local network will be the limiter)
  • Exchange player locations and events
  • Activate real-time audio chat with one line of code


  • Solid example provided to get up and running quickly
  • Uses GM2 best practices
  • Developer account is free

  • Extends GM2 Language
  • New events fire when player enters or leave multiplayer session
  • Infinitely extendable custom messages

  • Simple to use sophisticated asynchronous callbacks (already built all you have to do is use them if you need too)

  • No port forwarding all data flows through server
  • Low drag - less than 55 millisecond latency depending on client network speed

  • Every message logged in cloud database, providing deep analytics and additional multiplayer debugging
  • Developer friendly console that puts you in total control